Print Marketing 101: How to plan, design, write marketing materials, marketing tips
Print Marketing 101: How to plan, design, write marketing materials, marketing tips
Printing online: how to order four color, commerical printing


Why Choose PRP's Four Color, Offset Printing Services for Your Business' Marketing Materials?



Easy, Online Print Ordering. 

Business is complex, so we make ordering your marketing materials simple. You can now get instant price quotes and order offset printing online – all from our homepage and all without ever having to leave your desk.


Printing Priced Right. 

Our wholesale printing prices generally beat those of any printing company you'll find, so we don’t need to play games to make them look good. 

In fact, you create your own printing quote, which includes all production, shipping and handling. No hocus pocus, no hidden costs.     


"Business" Quality and No "Gang Runs."

Whether you’re a business owner, marketing manager or graphic designer, you want your printed products to have what we like to call the “wow factor.”

All of our jobs are run separately by skilled professionals on state-of-the-art equipment.  We do not gang run jobs, which means you get the quality and accuracy you need for the impact you want.  


Marketing Expertise.  

Because we specialize in marketing materials, we understand what it takes to build a brand, sell a product or motivate an audience to take action. Like you, we believe results are everything. And, we’d like to help you achieve them.

Whether that means making your small business look big, making your big idea seem simple or making your simple product seem revolutionary.  


Custom Printing Options.

When it comes to choice of papers, coatings, ink colors and combinations, Priced Right Print offers most everything you’ll ever need to make your four color marketing materials come alive.  Even on short runs.

We also offer a variety of sizes, folding options, turnaround times, shipping options … you get the point. You're in control. You make the decisions. We do the rest.


Free Graphic Design and Marketing Tools.

We offer innovative tools to help you get the most for your marketing dollars. Our PDF converter allows you to preview your order with a "pre-proof" that you create before you even upload your piece. You will also find a variety of marketing ideas, design tools, project backgrounders, useful links and more.


Printing Experience You Can Trust. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the bricks and mortar printing business, we know the industry. We have worked with business and professional clients in a wide range of fields, including health care, finance, consulting, manufacturing, not-for-profit and consumer products.


Personal Service and Support.

When it comes to customer service and satisfaction, we believe in “keeping it real.” We offer a full-service process, with a real person checking and re-checking your job at every step. And, when you contact us during regular business hours, you talk to a real person, who will readily answer all of your questions.


Fast Turnaround Time.

You have deadlines to meet and we understand that. We usually ship your print project within four days of your approval of our proof. 

If you need a job completed faster than that, give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs.


Time-Saving Print Technology.

Our online print shop offers you the instant price quotes and easy ordering you need to get your project underway. And, our robust back-end system gives you real-time information that lets you manage and track your printing projects from start to finish, all with complete security and privacy.



Need help getting started? 

Check out Print Marketing 101 for useful tips on concept development, copywriting, design and more. 


Ready to print?  

Go to our Instant Quote Calculator to see for yourself how easy print ordering can be.

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